Our Beginning

Due to the fact that there was not a church in the Depew/Lancaster area, the church started out as a Missionary Circle in 1921 with the help of the late Sis. Rosie Johnson and Sis. Jenkins. The Melvin Company let them use a house on Livingston Ave. in Lancaster, NY, where they met until 1927. The church met at different homes and held Prayer Meetings at the home of the late Bro. Horace McInnes on Sawyer Avenue in Lancaster, NY until the church was organized with the help of the late Deacon Charles Miner, who was the first Deacon of the church. The church name at that time was New Hope Baptist Church.

In 1929, the late Rev. Joshua Hamilton was called as Pastor and served for one year.

1930 the church moved to 27 Lavaret St., Depew, NY, where Rev. Eddie Wilkerson was called as Pastor.

1934 – Rev. Eddie Wilkerson resigned as Pastor and the church was without a Pastor until August, 1935 when Rev. A.A. Merriweather was called as Pastor.

1941 – The church moved from Depew, NY to 468 Jefferson Ave. in Buffalo, NY. Since there was another church in the area named New Hope Baptist Church, with the suggestion of the late Deacon Charles Miner and the consent of the members, being led by Acts 16:9 “Come over into Macedonia and help us,” the church was named Macedonia Baptist Church.

1943 – 557 Jefferson Avenue was purchased.

1954 – The church mourned the death of Rev. A.A. Merriweather.

1956 – Rev. A. Stallworth was called as Pastor and served until his resignation in 1960.

1961 – Due to a fire at 557 Jefferson Ave., services were held at Emmanuel Temple on Adam and Peckham until 511 Michigan Avenue was purchased.

1962 – Rev. J. H. Sanders was called as Pastor, serving for two years.

October 1964, Rev. Thomas J. Merriweather was called as Pastor.

February 1973 – Macedonia Baptist Church formerly the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church was recognized as a historical landmark. The church served as underground railway for slaves entering into Canada.

March 31, 1974 – Macedonia made their grand entrance into 237 E. North St.

May 6, 1977 – Rev. T.J. Merriweather retired after 13 years of service and on May 6, 1989, the church mourned his death.

October, 1977 – Rev. William Stoudiemier was called as Pastor and resigned after two years of faithful service.

May 4, 1980, Rev. Larry A. Boyd was called as Pastor.

January 23, 1983 – Macedonia held mortgage burning service.

September 6, 1991 – Pastor Boyd resigned.

June 1, 1992, Rev. Herman Alston, Jr. was called as Pastor and installed Sunday, July 12, 1992.
December 31, 2017, Pastor Alston resigned.

October 2018, Rev. Julian Armand Cook was called as Pastor and installed Sunday, February 17, 2019.

The Grace of God has sustained us, the Goodness of God has reformed us and the Mercy of God has maintained us.